More Than 100 Sold!

The God of Sno Cone Blue broke its first milestone with more than a hundred copies sold–and 12 wonderful reviews on Amazon! 5 retail sites are offering the book and one more is in the works. Perhaps best of all, I’m thrilled to see that several book clubs–based on word of mouth and the reviews (see examples below)–are choosing the novel for their next read.

Cover of the novel The God of Sno Cone Blue.The paperback copy of the book includes a list of Questions and Topics for discussion designed for book clubs. You can get the conversation going with that or, if you live in or around the Portland (OR) area, I’d be happy to meet with your book club and talk about the story’s development–or anything else you’re interested in–just drop me a line. Continue reading

The God of Sno Cone Blue (Prologue)

I saw the face of God once, in the summer clouds over my backyard fence. One minute it was water vapor and the next: My God, It’s God! That’s what I thought, anyway. I was a kid all those years ago and the preacher’s daughter, so naturally impressionable. And who hasn’t seen shapes in the clouds? Elephant, crocodile, Alfred Hitchcock’s puffy profile. Why not throw God in there too? But it didn’t seem like that, like some childish fantasy.

The minute before I was running home over the grass, hop-scotching dandelions that flashed under my feet. Halfway there, I changed my mind about going inside. It was the sky, the way it invited me to take a running leap and soar up past the power lines. I did the next best thing and flopped to the grass instead, sniffing a chest full of its weedy perfume. The sky was blue as a carnival sno cone, with choppy clouds like shaved ice, except for one that poured all silvery and strange, like the jar of mercury my teacher once brought to school. Continue reading