Mother’s Day, Heavy and Light

How do you write about Mother’s Day when it stirs so many emotions? I think of friends who lost their mothers this year, others who went through it years ago, and still others, like me, whose mothers get more fragile with each passing day. Losing a parent, I realize, is one of those things you just don’t believe will happen until it does.

Close up of mother Hazel at 16.My mother’s name is Hazel and in her youth, she was beautiful and feisty and fun. Continue reading

Nostalgia for Letters

carol's letter less copyIn the back of an upstairs closet, under a layer of dust and some old clothes, I uncovered a box I hadn’t seen in years. Inside were some stray photographs from my college days and a few outdated documents. What caught my eye, though, were some letters a dear friend had sent to me. Holding them in my hands brought a flood of memories. I’d been away at school when I got them, on the precipice of the big unknown that was my future.

All these years later, I opened one to a date in the right hand corner: 10-3-79. My friend and I, born in 1960, would have been sophomores in college and 19—19! Continue reading