Sno Cone Blue sightings

Reading The God of Sno Cone Blue on the train.Gillian Flynn, the author of Gone Girl, once said that she had yet to see a reader enjoying her novel out “in the wild,” but that she’d love nothing more than to be able to “tap someone on the shoulder and say, you know, how are you liking the book?” I second that! While I haven’t seen my book “in the wild” either, I have had a few close calls, the closest just last week: my husband, Ed, on the train home from work. He noticed a woman nearby cradling a book. Nothing unusual there, of course, until he saw the title: The God of Sno Cone Blue!

Immediately following, he sent me a “Guess what?” text. Wait–no, I take that back, he texted the whole family, our two kids included: “The God of Sno Cone Blue is right next to me on train(!) A woman is reading it(!)” The exclamation points are mine. No idea why Ed left them out.

Naturally, I couldn’t let a moment like that pass: only a few colorless words on my cell phone screen? “Take a picture of it, by golly!” I texted back. Poor Ed. (And, yes, I really did text “by golly!”) Then I added: “Ask her how she heard about it and tell her you’re my husband!” Again, poor Ed. And poor woman!

Ed did take the picture, as you can see from the image above. Turns out my dear reader was a good sport and, I might add, has very good taste in books. A few days later, she sent a note to my Contact page identifying herself as the woman on the train and saying not only had she finished the book, but she “loved it!” Her exclamation point, not mine. It was, in the end, a very fine point on a very fine moment.

Marcia selling The God of Sno Cone Blue at HomeWord Bound.While I’m at it, I’d like to highlight another recent Sno Cone Blue siting, though it didn’t come, as they say, out of the blue. It happened at a literary event for Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH) when I had the honor of joining eleven other Portland-area authors at a book signing and auction at the Oregon Zoo. 18 years in the running, the event celebrates local authors while raising funds to help alleviate our local housing crisis.


Sheila Hamilton and Mitchell S. Jackson.


Portland’s own Sheila Hamilton, All the Things We Never Knew, was the featured speaker, along with Mitchell S. Jackson, The Residue Years. We all sold stacks of books, got a chance to talk to avid readers, and watched CPAH race past its fundraising goal, which was really fun to witness. The Portland Society Page even posted an article on the event which you can read here.



I saw many copies of Sno Cone Blue roaming the auction that night, and a few cracked open, but, alas, I can’t quite call that “in the wild,” even if it was at the zoo.

Finally, here’s a list, with links, of the other Portland-area authors at the HomeWord Bound event. I’m sure they’d love for you to check out their books. Happy reading! David Banis & Hunter Shobe, Arthur Bradford, Valerie Geary, April Henry, Bart King, Margaret Malone, Liz Prato, Ellen Urbani, Ruth Wariner.