It takes a neighborhood to raise an author

Cedar Mill Living review of The God of Sno Cone Blue.Word of mouth here, a thumbs up there, either globally or from one street to the next, that’s basically what I mean by It takes a neighborhood to raise an author. My latest example? A full page review saying, “The God of Sno Cone Blue will tickle your funny bone, exercise your love for twist and turn mysteries and cause your mind to race with questions….” It’s written in Cedar Mill Living, a publication with a small but focused audience–and I’m thrilled.


This is how word spreads about a good book: from reader to reader, publication to publication, and book club to book club. Because I’m self-published I’ve had multiple doors slammed on me–figurative doors, yes, but nevertheless, slammed hard all the same; if they’d been doors of solid wood, I’d look like a boxer after a 10th round knock out. This is despite the fact that self-publishing is the future of publishing. The good news is, there are other doors in this ever-expanding neighborhood of mine that keep flying open to reveal excited readers.

Examples please

Book clubs are first and foremost. They’ve embraced Sno Cone Blue like a long-lost cousin at a family reunion. And I’ve had a blast sharing my story with them, chalking up 45 author visits to various groups so far, most of them book clubs, but also civic-centered and philanthropic organizations as well. The women and men I’ve met along the way have been impressive: doctors, lawyers, educators, accountants, artists and authors–even a former bathing suit model. (Okay, I admit, I peeked at her photos.)

And my readers never cease to amaze me with their questions and insights. Believe me, no two book clubs are alike, nor do they operate the same way.  I continue scheduling, so drop me a line on my Contact page if you’re interested in an author visit. If you’re near Portland, I’m happy to come in person or, if not, I Skype for long distances.

Beyond book clubs

The novel continues landing excellent reviews. Besides the latest endorsements in print, Sno Cone Blue is fast approaching 100 reviews from readers on Amazon. The vast majority (83 percent) rate it 5-star and the remainder, 4-star, which is awesome. Based on the comments you’ll see there, readers are moved by the story, appreciate the depth of the characters and, best of all, don’t anticipate the twist at the end.

What’s next?

For Sno Cone Blue, I expect doors to keep opening… In the meantime, I’m staying busy with novel number two, progressing chapter by chapter as I look ahead to estimate editing and publishing dates. In fact, I just finished a shoot for a promotional video you’ll see down the road, probably in spring. Mum’s the word at this point what it will look like, but suffice it to say you’ll get a good laugh out of it–at my expense! Hints are buried in the novel’s subject matter and description of its heroine, a skilled cliff climber.

The next novel will be called Skipping the Light, and it’s a new genre for me: Dystopian society in the vein of Hunger Games, with the added twist of time travel–yes!–written for Young Adults with Adult crossover. How’s that for a change from a mother-daughter novel?! Not to mention it will be the first in a trilogy to keep me–and readers–busy for years to come. I’m excited and passionate about the story, so stay tuned for news on the new book as the chapters add up.

Thanks for being a part of my neighborhood, and drop by again soon.

Sno Cone Blue highlighted in another newspaper!

Southeast Examiner article on The God of Sno Cone Blue.“The emotional tug makes it an ideal book club read,” says The Southeast Examiner, and the words ring true as I continue visiting with book clubs. (Drop me a line if you’d like to schedule a Skype or personal author visit.) As the article points out, the success of The God of Sno Cone Blue “has been largely through word of mouth.” And what better way?

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