Marcia Coffey Turnquist is a writer, journalist, and former television broadcaster who recently published her debut novel, The God of Sno Cone Blue. Marcia’s inspiration for the story came Head and shoulder photo of Marcia Turnquist.with motherhood when a terrible question occurred to her: If I died and left my children behind, could they ever fathom how much I loved them?

The resulting novel is the story of Grace, a middle-aged woman, recalling the turmoil of her own childhood in the 1960’s. She sees it again through the eyes of her younger self as her mother succumbs to cancer. It’s precisely then that the oddest thing happens: the young Grace begins to get letters from her mother, letters that confess a staggering family secret.

Romance and Mystery

The God of Sno Cone Blue is available in paperback and eBook formats. While meant for adults, the content is also appropriate for young adult readers, and the story is especially well suited for book clubs: its paperback version includes a page of Questions and Topics for Discussion to get the conversation going. If your book club is based near Portland, Oregon and you’d like Marcia to come visit with your group, just drop her a line.

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The Early Days

Prior to writing novels, Marcia worked as a television journalist, anchoring and reporting for KOIN-TV, the CBS affiliate in Portland, Oregon. For most of her seven years there, she anchored the noon news and reported daily for multiple newscasts.

Three family photos on top of a dresser.With the birth of her second child, Marcia made the choice to “retire” from television news to raise her children, a tough decision but one she has never regretted.

Her favorite pastime with the kids? Reading books together every morning while she could enjoy the moment–and a cup of strong coffee.

When the kids were old enough for grade school, and with the support of a working husband, Marcia had the chance to pursue her lifelong dream. She began to write again, this time in a longer format, ultimately finishing her first novel and beginning a second.

Before Children

During her 20s, Marcia worked in a number of television markets, eventually returning to Portland, her hometown, and KPTV. Previous stations include KSFY-TV in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, WLOS-TV in Asheville, North Carolina, and KREM-TV in Spokane, Washington.

Marcia holds a BA in Communications from Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon where she also minored in political science. She has a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Northwestern University in the greater Chicago area.

Teenagers Amelia and Macklin Turnquist.The children who inspired The God of Sno Cone Blue are grown now and off to college. Marcia lives with her husband Ed in the outskirts of Portland, where she continues work on her next book.

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