My first blog interviews!

The God of Sno Cone Blue with BRAG Medallion.What is it about my novel that embarrassed me? Where does the weird title come from? Does the reference to God mean it’s “religious”? The answers to these questions–if you’re curious–can be found in two online interviews, my very first (and second) blog interviews.

Both are active websites that not only interview authors but also post extended reviews on books. The most recent interview is a companion site to indieBRAG, the independent reviewer that awarded The God of Sno Cone Blue 5-stars and a BRAG Medallion and that currently features the novel on its home page.

What’s in a name?

The novel’s title is part of the discussion; also my inspiration, how long it took me to write the book, the cover art, characters and more. Here’s a sample of the indieBRAG companion interview by Stephanie Hopkins.

Stephanie: I love your title! How did you come up with it and how does it tie into your story?

Marcia: The phrase “sno cone blue” appears on the first page as my main character, Grace, describes the color of the sky during a pivotal moment in her life. Readers discover the depth of its significance later, though I’d spoil it if I explained how!

The title of my book often comes up. Some people read it and assume the book is “religious,” which can be a negative or a positive, depending on the reader’s perspective. The truth is, the story is neither “religious” nor “proselytizing.” They also wonder if it is autobiographical, and the answer is no: I was not a preacher’s daughter. I chose the setting for a simple reason: to make questions of faith and doubt, mistakes and redemption feel natural. As Grace loses her mother and begins to learn her secrets, the reader feels what she feels and asks the questions she asks. But any conclusions about what it all means are left to the reader, and that, I think, is where the story shines.


Links and more

If you’d like to read more from my interview with Stephanie, visit her wonderful website–she’s very active!–here at Layered Pages.

My book and experience are also highlighted on a website with international reach and tons of images. Author Jaideep Khanduja posted several pictures, including two of my kids, plus a short video he requested of me, a screenshot of the indieBRAG page showing my book, and the KGW-TV story from my signing at Marshall High School. Awesome Jaideep! To see the post, visit Jaideep’s website, Pebble in the Still Waters.

Finally, remember indieBRAG when you want a recommendation on self-published books–there are so many and figuring out quality isn’t always easy. The God of Sno Cone Blue is still on indieBRAG’s home page with its recent batch of honorees. Check it out here at B.R.A.G.

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