More Than 100 Sold!

The God of Sno Cone Blue broke its first milestone with more than a hundred copies sold–and 12 wonderful reviews on Amazon! 5 retail sites are offering the book and one more is in the works. Perhaps best of all, I’m thrilled to see that several book clubs–based on word of mouth and the reviews (see examples below)–are choosing the novel for their next read.

Cover of the novel The God of Sno Cone Blue.The paperback copy of the book includes a list of Questions and Topics for discussion designed for book clubs. You can get the conversation going with that or, if you live in or around the Portland (OR) area, I’d be happy to meet with your book club and talk about the story’s development–or anything else you’re interested in–just drop me a line. For example, a reader recently asked if I grew up as a preacher’s daughter. The answer to that is no, far from it! But there was a church and parsonage up the street where two families lived over the years, and we always knew the preacher’s kids.

To those of you who’ve purchased the book and/or written a review–a big thank you! It’s difficult to express how grateful I am. It may be cliche, but I’ll say it nevertheless: This book has been a labor of love for me for years. I am overwhelmed by your support.

A writer can always use more reviews, so, for those of you who haven’t finished reading The God of Sno Cone Blue, sometimes searched as Snow Cone Blue, please keep that in mind as you close the last page. If you still haven’t purchased a copy or suggested it to your book club or are considering it as a Mother’s Day gift, I’ll leave you with a few of the posted reviews. Remember, these are readers’ words, not mine! If you’d like to see the retailers, they’re listed here. Again–thank you!

Reviews on Amazon:

This story is beautifully written. It is creative, entertaining and has elements of suspense, tragedy and touches our emotions on many levels. You will not be disappointed!

Full of unexpected twists and raw emotions, The God of Sno Cone Blue surprised and touched me all along the way. I found myself relating to it as a wife, mother and daughter. It’s one of those books you think about long after you’ve finished reading it.

The story captured my interest from the first page and had me to the very end. I loved the mystery that unfolded and I was shocked in the end. I kept thinking I had it figured out, only to find another twist. This book will make a great movie!

I found it difficult to put the book down as I wanted to see what the spirited Grace would encounter next. The story strikes many emotions in the reader as it touches on topics to which we can all relate: love, disappointment, sorrow, confusion and delight. The plot is unpredictable which keeps you yearning for more and the writing paints such colorful images.

4 thoughts on “More Than 100 Sold!

    • The novel is self-published, a movement now taking the publishing industry by storm. The challenge to authors is getting the word out on quality work, so I appreciate reader reviews and honest critique… hoping the story will eventually sell itself. Thanks for asking!

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